Creating a Quiz

The Quiz tool allows instructors to assess students using a variety of questions and delivery options. This tool is very versatile, offering instructors flexibility.

Opening the Quiz Tool

  1. At the top of your course in the Navbar, click on the Tools menu.

  2. In the dropdown, click Quizzes.

    If you have customized your course Navbar to include the quizzes option, you can select it to directly access the Quiz tool.Selecting the Quiz tool from the Navbar
  3. Once you've opened the quiz tool, click the New Quiz button.Selecting the new quiz button
  4. Alternatively, you can also create quizzes directly in a module from the Content area.Using the upload / create button to create a New Quiz

Basic Properties

  1. Give your quiz a name.

  2. Set a due date.

  3. Provide a Description.Setting the basic properties of the quiz
  4. Click the Not in Grade Book dropdown. Select one of two options:
    Selecting the grade book option from the dropdown menu.
    1. Edit or Link to Existing - Use this option if you want to change an existing quiz, or if you have set up your grade book in advance and need to link this quiz to an item in your grade book.

    2. Add to Grade Book - Use this option to create a new item in the grade book that will be linked to this quiz.

  5. Assign a point value by typing in the Grade Out Of box.

Next Steps

  1. Add questions by selecting either Add Existing or Create New.

    For more details, view our Adding Quiz Questions page.
    Adding questions using the add existing or create new dropdowns.
  2. Set the quiz restrictions in the right-hand menu.Screenshot of quiz restrictions and conditions
    For more details, view our Quiz Restrictions page.

Saving the Quiz

When you are finished editing your quiz, click on the Save and Close button at the bottom of the page to complete your revisions. the Save button will allow you to save the current progress on the quiz and continue working.

Save and close, save, and cancel options.

You also have the hidden toggle which can be used to hide the quiz from students. You will still be able to see, edit, and relocate the quiz, however students will not be able to see it at all until you turn the toggle off.

Note: the hidden toggle will override some release conditions, restrictions, and availability dates. If you have set a quiz to to release on a certain date or time but have it hidden, the quiz will always remain hidden until you manually switch the toggle.