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eLC is the learning management system for the University of Georgia. It is designed to support both faculty and students in all kinds of classrooms and situations. Whether you are in a class that is taught in a traditional format, hybrid, or fully online, eLC is here to keep you organized and up-to-date.

eLC is supported in a joint effort by the University's EITS and the Center for Teaching and Learning. This website is provided by the CTL's Learning Technologies team to support your use of eLC.

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Monthly eLC Tip: Wrapping Up the Gradebook

As the semester concludes, remember to use eLC's 'Gradebook' to finalize student grades. The 'Final Calculated Grade' feature can help ensure that all assessments are accurately accounted for in the final grade. Visit Help eLC for a guide on displaying the final calculated grade and more.Don’t forget to submit grades to Athenaby May 13th at 12:00 PM!