Adding Questions to Quizzes

Once you have made a quiz, you need to add questions to that quiz. You can create new questions or sections directly in your quiz, or you can add existing questions from the question library or by uploading a .CSV file.

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Opening the Quiz Tool

  1. Click Tools  on the course navbar.

  2. Select Quizzes.

    Note: If you have customized your navbar to include the quizzes option, you can select it to directly access the quiz tool.
    Screenshot of the navbar showing the tools dropdown and the link to the quizzes tool.
  3. Select the name of the quiz you want to edit.
    Screenshot of the quizzes tool showing the list of quizzes
  4. Click either Add Existing or Create New.
    Screenshot of the quiz editor showing the buttons used to add new or existing questions.

Add Existing

  1. Click Add Existing.

  2. Choose a dropdown option. Your options are:
    Screenshot showing the Add Existing button, and it's dropdown options.
    • Upload a File - Uploaded files must be in .CSV format.
    • Browse Question Library - Use the Question Library to select existing questions or sections you've already created.

  3. Click Save to save your changes.

Create New

  1. Click Create New.

  2. Choose a dropdown option. Your options are:
    • New Question - Select a Question Type and create a new question and add it directly to your quiz. 
    • Section - Sections group questions together. They allow you to shuffle the order of certain questions.
    • Question Pool - This is a section that contains a defined number of questions pulled at random from a larger set of questions. To use a question pool, you must have already created a section in the Question Library.

  3. Click Save  to save your changes.