Entering Grades

Instructors have the ability to associate an activity with a grade item within eLC or manually assign grades within the gradebook. 

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Entering Grades into the Gradebook

1. To begin the process of creating a entering grades, select Enter Grades from the Grades navbar.

Select Enter Grades from the grades navbar.

2. Click the drop-down menu next to the appropriate grade item and click Grade All. Note that this same menu has a number of other options, including Statistics and Edit, where you can create restrictions to hide the column from students.

Click the drop-down menu next to the grade item. Click Grade All.

3. Click Show details and overall feedback if you would like to provide comments to the entire class for a particular grade item.

Click Show Details and Overall Comments

4. Type in each student's grade. Click the Comments bubble to provide individual comments, if desired.

Type in each student's grade.

5. Individual comments can be in the form of Feedback, feedback the student can see, and Private Comments, feedback only individuals with grading priviledges can see.

Click on the Comment Bubble.

6. Click Save to save the entered grade.

Click Save.

7. Note: If you want to give all students the same grade, you can select all students using the checkbox at the top left. Then click the Grade icon

To give all students to same grade, click the Grade icon. Type the grade. Click Save.

8. Type the grade. Click Save

Bulk Grade

9. Then, click Save and Close again to save all grades.

Click Save.

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Exempting a Student from a Grade

Instructors may need to excuse a student from one or more assignments. Exempting a student from a grade item will allow both the student and instructor to be able to tell at a glance that the item will not count against the student's grade. Additionally, when final grades are calculated, the exempted grade item will not be used in the calculation.


1. To begin the process of exempting a student from a particular grade item, select Enter Grades from the Grades navbar.

Select Enter Grades from the grades navbar.

2. Click the dropdown menu of the grade item from which you would like to exempt a student. Then, select Grade All.

Click the dropdown menu of the grade itme. Then, select Grade All.

3. Select the checkbox next to the student that you would like to exempt. Then, click Exempt

Select the checkbox of the student. Then, click Exempt.

4. Exempt should now be displayed in the Weight category of the grade item you selected for the student's exemption.

Exempt should now be displayed in the Weight category.

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