Creating a Discussion Topic

A topic can only be created after the instructor has created a Discussion Forum

1. To create a discussion topic, access the discussions tool by clicking Tools on the Course Home navigation bar. Then select Discussions.

Click Tools. Select Discussion.

2. Click New, and select New Topic from the drop-down menu.

Click New, and select New Topic.

3. Select a forum. If you have already created the forum in which you want to add a topic, select a forum from the forum drop-down menu. If you want to create a new forum for your topic, click New Forum

4. Enter a Title and Description.

enter title and description for discussion topic

5. The following settings can be configured under options :

  • Allow anonymous posts - Select this option if you want to enable users to post anonymously. 
  • A moderator must approve individual posts before they display in the topic - Select this option to ensure that posts are approved by a moderator before they display in the topic.
  • Users must start a thread before they read and reply to other threads - Select this option to ensure user participation.
  • Display forum description in topics - Select this option to display a discussion forum description within a discussion topic description. 
  • Rate Posts - Select a rating scheme:
    • No Ratings - All rating controls are disabled.
    • Five-Star Rating Scheme - Students can assign each post a score from 0-5.
    • Up Vote/Down Vote Rating Scheme - Students can vote to increase or decrease a post's rating.
    • Up Vote Only Rating Scheme - Students can vote to increase a post's rating, but they cannot vote to decrease it.
  • Availability - Select visibility options for your forum.
  • Locking Options - Select locking options to prevent users from accessing the forum until it is unlocked.

options under create a discussion topic

6. Click Save and Close

click save and close

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