Kaltura Video Quizzes

You can create interactive quizzes using videos you have added to your Kaltura My Media by creating a Video Quiz. Video quizzes can also be associated with grade items in eLC.

Create a Video Quiz

1. Go to your Kaltura My Media page by clicking the Kaltura menu on the eLC homepage and choosing My Media.


Selecting Video Quiz from the Add New menu on the My Media page


2. Click the Add New button and choose Video Quiz.


Selecting a video to create a Video Quiz


3. Click Select next to the video you want to use to create the quiz or upload a new video by clicking Upload Media.


Kaltura video quiz editor


4. The video quiz editor will be displayed. Click Details, Scores, or Experience to change the settings for the quiz.


Quiz Settings


Quiz details optionsQuiz details options

  • Quiz Name: The name of the quiz
  • Show Welcome Page/Welcome Message: If checked, the entered message will be displayed when the viewer clicks the Play button to start the quiz
  • Allow Download of Questions List: Allows viewers to download the list of questions before starting the quiz
  • Instructions: Displays instruction text before the quiz begins




Quiz scores options

  • Allow Multiple Attempts: Allow viewers to take the quiz more than once
  • Do Not Show Scores/Show Scores: Select Show Scores to display the quiz score after the quiz is submitted
  • Include Answers: Viewers will be able to see correct/incorrect answers



Experience options

  • Allow Answers Change: Allow viewers to change answers before submitting
  • Allow Skip/Do not Allow Skip: Allow viewers to skip questions or make them submit an answer
  • No seeking forward: Viewers will not be able to use the seek bar to jump ahead in the video.


Add Questions

1. Click on the timeline below the video where you want to add a question, then click the Add a Question button on the video. 


Add Question

2. You can choose to add a Multiple Choice, True/False, Reflection Point, or Open-Ended Question.


 Multiple Choice

Multiple choice question

  • Enter the correct answer in the box with the green checkmark.
  • Click the + to add additional answers.
  • Click the Shuffle icon at the top left to shuffle the answers.
  • Click the bulb icon to add a Hint or Why? to the question.


True/False question

  • Enter different text for correct/incorrect answer if needed
  • Click the checkmark/x to swap the correct/incorrect answer

 Reflection Point

Reflection point question

  • The video will be paused and the text entered will be displayed to the viewer

 Open-Ended Question

Open-Ended question

  • Viewers can enter up to 270 characters to answer the question in their own words

Video timeline with a question created


3. After you Save a question you can move it by clicking the question icon on the timeline and then dragging it to a new place. Click the Preview button to view what the quiz will look like to viewers. Click Done when you are finished adding questions.

4. To edit a video quiz after you have created it, go to your My Media page, click the video quiz title in the list, then click the Actions button and choose Launch Editor.

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Add a Video Quiz to Content and Associate a Grade Item

Add video quiz from My Media

From a module in Content in your course, click the Existing Activities button and choose My Media. Click the Embed button next to the video quiz in the list to add a link to the video quiz to the content module. Click the link to view the video quiz.


Associating a grade item

To associate a grade item with the video quiz, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Add a grade item... under Assessment on the Activity Details tab.


Choosing a grade item to associate

Choose a grade item to associate from the dropdown, or click the + button to create a new item, then Save. Students will now receive a grade after they submit the video quiz.

Note: If you use Insert Stuff to embed a video quiz, a grade item will automatically be created when the first student submits the quiz. Points will not scale if you change the max points for the automatically created grade item.

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View Quiz Results

To view video quiz results, go to your My Media page and click the video quiz in the list, then click the Actions button below the video and choose Analytics.

Quiz questionsClick the Quiz Questions tab and click a question to see all responses to it.

Quiz usersClick the Quiz Users tab and click a user to view their responses to the quiz.

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