Extended Time for Quizzes

Student access to quizzes in eLC can be adjusted to provide individuals with extended or alternative time – either for a specific quiz or for all quizzes in the course.

Setting Up an Extended Time Accommodation

If the View Other Users' Accommodations and the Add/Edit Accommodations permissions are turned on for your role, you can grant learners quiz accommodations from the Classlist tool. Once granted, these accommodations apply to all quiz activities in a course for that learner.

To grant quiz accommodations from the Classlist:

  1. Within your course in eLC, navigate to your Classlist.

  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the learner to whom you want to grant a quiz accommodation, and then click Edit Accommodations.click on edit accommodations
  3. Select the Modify Time Limit checkbox to enable customization of the time restrictions. Your options include:
    Multiplier of original quiz time Extra time

    • Multiplier of original quiz time - This option allows you to accommodate a student by providing extended time in proportion to the assigned time. It is common for students to have an accommodation allowing 1.5 times the original quiz time.
    • Extra time - This option allows you to set a fixed number of minutes added to all quizes for these students.

  4. You may choose to enable Always Allow Right Click if you wish.
    Always allow right click
  5. Click Save.

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Adjust Access for an Individual Quiz

These instructions may be followed in order to configure your quizzes for special access to provide extended time. 

1. Navigate to the Quizzes Tool by choosing Tools -> Quizzes from the navbar or by going to Course Admin -> Quizzes.

2. Click on the dropdown to the right of the quiz for which you need to provide special access and choose Edit.

Extended time instructions step 1


3. Choose the Restrictions tab

Extended time instructions step 2


4. Scroll to the Special Access section and click Add Users to Special Access

Extended time instructions step 3


5. Set the desired Due Date and Availability for the Special Access under their respective headings. You should set this the same as the due date and availability for the rest of the students unless you need to them to be different for the student with accommodations.

Extended time instructions step 4


6. Scroll to the Timing section, choose Enforced Time Limit, and enter the desired Time Limit for the accommodation.

Extended time instructions step 6


7. Scroll to the Users section and select the student who needs the accommodation, then click Add Special Access.

Extended time instructions step 7


8. You will now see the special access details on the Restrictions tab for the quiz. You can repeat this process for all students who need extended time.

Extended time instructions step 8


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