Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about eLC from faculty.


Can I copy a course from a previous semester into a current course?

Yes, you can copy an entire course or selected components into a current course. See the documentation for copying content between courses.


Can I change the title of my course?

If the course is Athena-based, the title cannot be changed. However, you can change the title if the course in question is a non-Athena course.


I don't see my courses for this semester. How do I access them?

If you have access to 12 or fewer courses, they will all be listed in the My Courses Widget automatically. If you have 13 or more, you will have to search for your courses using the Waffle menu, then Pin them to the top of that menu by clicking the Pushpin icon to the right of the course name. Pinned courses also appear in the My Courses widget. To learn more about editing the My Courses widget, visit the Personal Preferences and Settings page.

If you still do not see your course, please complete the Instructor Access Request form


I don't see Course Admin on my course navigation bar. How do I still access this tool?

Some courses may have changed their default navigation menu and removed the link to Course Admin. To access a removed Course Admin tool, use the OU (org unit ID) number that appears in the URL for each eLC course.  The OU number is typically a 7-digit number that appears in the URL after /d2l/home/. First, make a note of the OU number for the course in question. Next, go to the Course Admin page for a course that you can access. Replace the OU in the URL window with the OU for the problem course. You will now be able to access Navigation & Themes to add Course Admin link to the active menu bar.



How do I know if my computer will work with eLC?

It is a good idea to run a system check on your computer. You can also visit the D2L Help Center for specific recommendations.


When do students see their courses?

By default, courses are available to students the day before classes begin and until 14 days after grades are due. Instructors can change the dates by clicking on Course Admin from the course navigation bar, then Course Offering Information. Instructors who are not using eLC may choose to deactivate the course from this screen as well.

Note: After students add or drop a course in Athens, it may take 1-2 business days for the course to appear in eLC. If students are dropped for non-payment, it may take 1-2 business days for the student to be dropped from eLC, then another 1-2 business days after payment/reinstatement.


I'm an instructor. How do I add someone to my course?

To add someone to your course, click Classlist in the navigation bar. Click Add Participants and Add Existing Users. You can search for users by first name, last name, or UGA myID. Click Search. Locate the person you want to add and click the selectbox to the left of their name. Use the dropdown menus to select a Role and a Section, and click Enroll Selected Users

Note: For Athena courses, students are automatically added and dropped each night based on Athena data. It is not necessary to manually add students to your courses. The Registrar prefers that all student enrollments come from Athena.


I'm an instructor, and I want to add a TA to my course. Which role should I choose?

Below is a list of available roles and their capabilities within eLC:



Possesses typical instructor setting and permissions.

Can: Manage enrollment, modify all content, assign grades, modify course settings



Equivalent to Instructor minus enrollment or grading

Can: Modify all content, modify course settings

Cannot: Modify enrollment, assign grades


Teaching Assistant

Role used by staff or graduate assistants to assist faculty

Equivalent to Instructor minus enrollment

Can: Monitor quizzes and assessments, moderate discussions, modify selective release, assign grades, modify content, modify course settings

Cannot: Modify enrollment


TA Designer

Role used by staff or graduate assistants to assist faculty

Equivalent to Teaching Assistant minus enrollment or grading

Can: Monitor quizzes and assessments, moderate discussions, modify selective release

Cannot: View student work, assign grades, manage enrollment


TA Grader

Role used by staff or graduate assistants to assist faculty

Equivalent to Teaching Assistant minus enrollment or design

Can: View student work, assign grades

Cannot: Modify content, modify course settings, manage enrollment


How do I view my course as a student?

The easiest way to view your course as a student would see it is to use the "role switch." Role switch is available from a widget on your course home page, and also from your personal settings menu at the top right of your course. The personal setting menu is accessed by clicking on your name at the top right. From that menu, you will see the option to View Course as Student. This option works well for most tools, but not for all. Using Role Switch does not allow you to submit Assignments or Quizzes. 


When you want the most realistic student view, you can use your Demo Student Account. for more information on Demo Student Accounts, see the documentation for viewing your course as a student.


I want to hold an online session, such as a webinar or virtual office hours. How do I get started?

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is an online classroom tool that is available from the Tools dropdown menu. To learn more, see the documentation for  Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


I want to add a blog or wiki to my course. Can I do this in eLC?

If you'd like to use a blog or wiki with your eLC course, the CTL supports WordPress. To learn more, visit CTL Sites to get more information and to request a site.


I want to use a third party application or tool that integrates with eLC. How can I do this?

In order to use a third party tool or application with eLC, you must complete the Third Party Integration Request Form. To access the form and learn more about third party integrations, see the documentation on Third Party Integration Requests.


I want to use Respondus Lockdown Browser for my eLC quizzes or tests. How can I do this?

For more information, see the documentation for Respondus Lockdown Browser for Faculty


How do I view grades I had previously entered in the gradebook for students after they withdraw from my course?

In the Classlist, click Enrollment Statistics. Students who have withdrawn will show at the bottom of the list. Then, click the dropdown arrow next to the student and choose View Grades.


Why isn't my multimedia content showing up in my course?

Complete documentation on adding media to your course is available at the following link. In case you have additional questions, please contact us using the list of support contacts.


Can I use eLC for a non-Athena course or for committee work?

Yes! Please complete the Request a Non-Athena Course form


Can I add other faculty or course collaborators to my classlist if they are not employed by or enrolled at the university?

Yes! You can request an exception account for additional faculty/course collaborators by submitting an EITS Help Desk Support Rest form.


Can I use eLC on my smartphone or tablet? Is there an app available?

You do not need an app to access eLC on a smartphone or tablet. eLC is a responsive website, which means the content will adapt to whatever device or screen size you are using and display clearly.

There are two apps made specifically for eLC (Desire2Learn):

  • Assignment Grader allows instructors to connect to their courses and grade assignments via an iPad. Note: Due to technical issues with this app, we do not recommend using Assignment Grader at this time. 
  • Binder allows students to connect to their courses and download files to their device that can then be viewed when students are offline.


How can I learn more about using eLC?

There are a number of resources available to help. Start with the Faculty section of this eLC Help Site. If you would like to attend a workshop or drop-in help session, check availability on the Center for Teaching and Learning website, under Events and Announcements. 

If you prefer to speak with a consultant, please see the list of support contacts that includes contact information for consultants at CTL, EITS, your College or School, and the D2L Online Help Center that is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.