Creating Private Discussion Topics for Individual Students 

In eLC, you can create private discussion topics for indivudal students so only you and the student have access to their posts. This is one way to have students keep a private journal or blog for a course.


1. To create the private discussion topics, first create a set of one-member groups (one for each student in the class). To do this, go to tools on the Course Home navigation bar, and click Groups.

Click Tools and select groups.

2. Click New Category.

Click New Category. Choose settings.

3. Choose the following settings:

Category Information

  • Category Name: Journal Assignment (or the name of your assignment)
  • Enrollment Type: Single-user, member specific groups

category information

4. You can  Set up discussion areas under the Additional Options section on this page.

5. You can click New Forum to create a separate forum for all of the Journal topics. This will help you stay organized. Once all the settings are configured, click Save.

new forum and save

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