Embedding Audio and Video in Discussions

Instructors and students can share audio and video files in the Discussions tool, as a new thread or reply, using the Insert Stuff button in the eLC HTML editor. 


1. When you start a new thread or reply to a discussion post, you see the HTML editor. Click Insert Stuff, the first button on the tool bar.

Click Insert Stuff.

2. Next, click My Media, then Add New.

Click My Media and then click Add New.

3. You can create short webcam recordings or screen captures or upload files created on other devices. After creating or uploading a file, give your file a title, description, and tags. Then click Next.

Note: We recommend creating your audio and video files offline, then uploading via the Media Upload option. If you schoose to create a Webcame Recording or Screencast using Insert Stuff, please be aware that any internet interruption may result in lost work.

Give your file a title, description, and tags. Click Save and Embed.

4. Click Insert. After inserting the file, you can attach a transcript to make your file accessible.

Click Insert.

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