Viewing Student’s Videos After a Quiz/Exams


  1. After logging into the eLC course website as an instructor, click the Quizzes link under the Tools menu or the Quizzes menu on the navbar. 
    Click the quizzes link

  2. Click the LockDown Browser tab.
    Click LockDown Browser tab

  3. On the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard page, click the downward arrow to the left of a quiz/exam to review the students’ videos.
    click the downward arrow to the left of a quiz or exam

  4. To access information about the quiz/exam and review the students’ videos, select the Class Results option from the menu.
    select the Class Results

  5. A summary of the selected quiz/exam results will be displayed. The information regarding how many students have completed the quiz/exam, how many videos are being processed, and how many students have not completed the quiz/exam, as well as the Review Priority, is provided. Note: Review Priority indicates the level of the instructor’s attention to the students’ quiz/exam activities.
    summary of the selected quiz and exam results will be displayed

  6. The students’ names who have completed the quiz/exam will be displayed with information about Review Priority, Date, Score, and Duration.
    students names will be displayed

  7. Click the + sign to the left of a student’s name to review the student’s activity during the quiz/exam. The student’s video and detailed information regarding the student’s activities will be displayed. Note: The average time for processing an exam video for viewing is 12 hours.
    Click the + sign to the left of a student’s name