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eLC is updated on the fourth Thursday of every month. These updates can range from small fixes to major feature changes. Our goal with this page is to provide you with information about recent and upcoming changes, along with links to help materials for new features. 

Questions? Follow this link to identify your best support option. 


These updates are expected for the coming month(s), but should not be considered finalized until the system update has been completed (typically on the fourth Thursday of the month).

November Updates

  • Brightspace Editor (new feature): This feature adds the ability to drag/drop and copy/paste for images for quizzing feedback, grades feedback, comments for grades, discussion post feedback, and thread feedback. These features were previously in assignment feedback only, this is an expansion to other areas in eLC.   ** As of November 29th this feature is not working in bulk grading feedback**

Helpful link: Brightspace Editor  

  • Content (update): This feature updates the PDF Inline viewer that is used when showing all converted documents (e.g., Word documents) as PDFs within the Content area. The viewer menu has moved to the top of the PDF document, along with PDF navigation and actions, and an overall refreshed button design. 
  • Email (update): The limit on the number of recipients permitted in the To and CC fields has increased from 50 to 200 recipients. 

Helpful link: Email Settings

  • Manage Files (new feature): New warning message when students try to upload an invalid file type. This is only displayed if you use file type restrictions.  

Helpful link:  Creating Assignments, Submitting Assignments (students)  

  • Integrations (new feature): This integration feature creates an improved SCORM content experience so that it will match the look and feel for the assignment creation experience.  

Helpful links:  What is SCORM?,  Add a SCORM or xAPI package to the Content tool 

October Updates

  • Assignments (bug fix): When viewing a submitted assignment (when only one file has been submitted), it will load in the submission summary view instead of the document viewer. This change corrects a reported problem involving incorrect assignments displaying when clicking through student submissions. 

Helpful Link: Adding Assignment Feedback 

  • Assignments (new feature): This is a new feature that will allow users to preview an assignment. To do this: go to Assignments > More Actions > Preview, then choose the assignment you want to preview.  

Helpful Link:  Previewing Assignments

  • Course Content (new feature): This new feature allows Instructors to see the history of content import activity in their course. To access this history, go to Course Administration  then import/export/copy components. From there click on View Import History

Helpful link:  Copy content between courses

  • Discussions (bug fix): The Discussion Board @mention feature has been adjusted to allow users to receive an email notification when they are @mentioned in a Discussion posting. Previously, users only got a local notification inside eLC. To activate this feature and receive email notification of discussion board @mentions, adjust your notification settings in eLC. 

Helpful LinksSetting up Notifications 


  • Assignments (new feature): Now in Assignments instructors have the ability to restrict file types. 

Helpful link: Assignments 

  • Rubrics (new features): 
    • Insert Stuff  and Insert Quick Link  are now available in the Rubrics editor. 
    • Collapsed rubrics now include more information (e.g., points, unscored criteria, etc.). 
    • The description and feedback fields now have a more robust editor (no longer requiring just plain text). 
    • Users can now copy and delete criteria groups in the Rubrics tool. 

Helpful link: Rubrics 

  • Activity Feed (new feature): The date picker has been updated to clear date/time and appear more streamlined. 
  • Assignments (new feature): New to Assignments is a new layout for creating assignments into a more immersive page with availability, submissions, and evaluations panels to the right of the assignment. 

Helpful Link: Updated Assignment Experience 

  • Assignments (new feature): New to Assignments is the Evaluation Experience that will allow instructors to click through a student submission list for grading.  

Helpful Link: Adding Assignment feedback 

  • Brightspace Editor (update): The editor used throughout eLC (a.k.a. “the Brightspace Editor”) has been redesigned to include new features, transforming it into a full HTML editor. This editor has also been added  to the Assignments, Discussion, Quizzing, and Content tools. 
    • New features include the ability to use emojis and symbols, word count, text formatting, an improved color picker, and new WCAG compliance Accessibility checker. 
    • The spellchecker and cut/copy buttons have been removed. 
    • The Insert Stuff icon changed to a new design. 
    • Within Discussions, a feature has been added to @mention users in threads. 

Helpful Link: Brightspace Editor Update Info

  • Rubrics (new feature): New to Rubrics is the Creation Experience which provides a new look and feel to streamline rubrics authoring.  

Helpful Link: Updated Rubrics Experience 

  • Assignments (update): Added categories that can be selected in Category under Submission and Completion in the new Assignment Creation Experience 
  • Rubrics (update): This update feature adds inline grading into rubrics.  
  • Quiz (update/feature removal): This feature added a status section for quizzes to allow instructors to choose the grading status under Attempts
    • Instructors can now set a grace period of 0 minutes. 
    • Relocation of Reports under Edit Quiz on a tab called Report Setup
    • The Insert Stuff  icon changed to a new design. 
    • Quiz introduction page has been removed please use description going forward.


For information about prior updates, please see Brightspace release notes and search for "Brightspace Platform Month year" (e.g., Brightspace Platform March 2018). Please note that not every article in these search results will be applicable to eLC specifically, but it will give you a sense of changes that have been made over time. If you have questions about any of these changes, please feel free to reach out to our institutional administrators at the CTL or EITS.



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