Setting up Notifications

You can set up the notifications center in eLC to receive notification messages about important events in one or more courses. You can customize the settings to select what you are notified about and how notifications are delivered. 

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Accessing the Notification Center

There are two ways to access the notifications center in eLC:

1. You can click on your username on the top right corner and then select the Notifications item from the pop-up window

Access notificatoins from username




Notifications button

2. Or you can click on the Announcements drop-down menu in your home page and select the Notifications.

Access notifications from announcements menu

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Setting Up Notification Settings

1. In Contact Methods, select how you want to be notified about eLC updates. You can choose to select email and/or SMS notifications. Click change your email settings to set up your preferred email account or register your mobile to set up SMS notifications.

Contact methods

2. You can either use the system email, which is automatically connected to your UGAMail, or you can enter a custom email. Make sure you click save once you are done.

Email confirmation

3. Provide your mobile phone information in the pop-up window. Enter the country, mobile carrier, and mobile number. Click Save.

Register mobile phone

4. The eLC system will send a confirmation code via SMS to the mobile number provided. Enter the four-digit number in the Confirmation Code box and click Confirm.

Confirmation code

5. If you have problems receiving the confirmation code, click Resend my confirmation
 Note that mobile phone notifications will be activated after you complete this step.

Confirmation code sent

6. In the section Summary of Activity, you can choose to receive a daily summary of eLC courses updates. If you wish to activate this feature, select Daily from the drop-down menu and choose the time the notification should be sent. Otherwise, you can leave it as Never.

Summary of activity 1


Summary of activity 2

7. Select the information you want to be notified about in the Instant Notifications section by checking off the email and/or SMS contact methods. For instance, you can check box off the email and SMS boxes to receive a notification whenever an announcement update is posted in your eLC courses.

Instant notifications

8. In the Customize Notifications section, you can choose to receive grade values in notifications about grades or receive notifications about past, future, or inactive courses.

Customize notifications

9. By default, all courses are included in the notifications system. If you do not wish to receive notifications about specific courses, you can manage course exclusions.

Exclude courses

10. To locate a course, you can type up the course name or code in the search box or browse through the pages at the bottom. Click the X to exclude a course from the notifications system. You can also Exclude all courses at once by clicking on that button. If you wish to add courses back to the notifications system, click Restore excluded courses.

course exclusions

11. Click Save at the bottom of notifications center page to save your settings.

Save settings

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