Request Forms

The following request forms, created by the Enterprise Information Technology Servies (EITS), are available to assist you a variety of needs regarding eLC. To access each form, click on the form name, listed in red.

1. eLC Support RequestIf you can access other UGA services, but not eLC, please submit a support request on this page.

2. Associate Section Instructor Request - This form is to be used by faculty and staff to associate an eLC course section with an instructor. This form needs to be submitted once for each call number/section for which you would need accesss. Note: If you have been entered as the "Instructor of Record" in Athena, then your enrollment should be automatically populated into your eLC courses.

3. Manual Course Groups RequesteLC courses are automatically cross-listed based on data from Athena. Courses that are taught at the same time, in the same location, by the same instructor should be automatically cross-listed with no action required by you. Manual course groups can also be created, based on your needs. For example, we can group all of the BIOL1108L courses so that the instructor can manage the course content in only one course as opposed to 10 courses. Or we can group the three sections of the same course, ACCT2101, that you are teaching. Instead of managing 3 separate courses, you'd only need to manage the content for one course. Please submit this form once for each eLC manual course group that you would like to request. 

4. Third Party Integration Request - If you are interested in a particular integration, we will need your help to text and implement. To get started, submit this request with the product name, name and email address for a representative at the company (such as your textbook publisher sales representative), and any other details you can prove. A consultant from EITS will respond with next steps to begin the testing process. Please be aware that new integrations may take several months to test and implement.

5. Non-Athena Course Request - If you are a faculty or staff member and would like to create an eLC non Athena course for committee, dissertation, or other university-affliated work, please submit this request. 

6. Exception Account Request - You can request an exception account for additional faculty or course collaborators by submitting this request

7. Demo Student Account RequestThe Demo Student is a special eLC account available to instructors that can be added to any course as a student. Each Instructor of Record, as identified in ATHENA, will have a Demo Student account created at the beginning of each semester. That Demo Student account is active only for one semester. Demo Student accounts are created at the beginning of each semester and deleted at the end of each semester based on instructor enrollments. If you cannot activate your Demo Student account, following the directions featured in the Format of the Demo Student Account documentation, please submit this request. 

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