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The My Home page is organized to display the Mini Bar, Navigation Bar, and Widgets that are standard for all users at UGA. This tutorial provides an overview of the My Home layout and features.

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Below is the My Home layout:

My Home Page

The Minibar

When you first log in, you see the My Home page. The red bar across the top is called the Minibar, and it will always be at the top of your screen.

1. The minibar includes global tools that apply across all of your courses. These include My Home, Select a Course dropdown menu or Waffle Menu, Pager/Email Alerts, News Item Alerts, and Discussion Alerts, and your Account Settings. Each of these tools will be explained below.

Mini Bar

2. The eLearning Commons Button

The eLearning Commons text alongside the University of Georgia's logo is a button that returns users to their My Home page.  

eLC Logo - My Home Button

3. Course Selection Button or Waffle Menu

The Course Selection Button, also known as the Waffle Menu, contains a selectable drop down menu of all of a user's courses that allows users to search for a desired course and to save or "pin" favorite or most-used courses to top of the course listing. To pin a course, click the Pushpin icon beside the course name. Pinning courses is also how you add them to the My Courses widget.

My Courses Button

4. User Alerts

Clicking any of the three User Alert Icons opens a dropdown menu containing the alert information


  • Messages and Pager - Messages are course emails sent by other eLC users. The pager is an instant messaging feature that allows users to communicate in real time.

Messages and Pager Button



  • Course Updates - The Course Updates icon notifies a user of course changes.

Course Updates Button




  • Discussions - The Discussion icon notifies a user of a response to a discussion feed to which the user is subscribed.

Discussions Alert

5. User Profile Menu 

Clicking on the user's name opens a drop-down menu with links to adjust profile settings, view course progress, and logout. 

User Profile Settings

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Navigation Bar

1. The navigation bar contains drop down menus for Help and Kaltura. These menus contain helpful links for both eLC help and Kaltura, eLC's media streaming and storage service.

Navigation Bar

2. My Home also features a responsive design that allows the navigation bar collapse into a Hamburger Menu, containing the links previously featured in the Navigation Bar. Responsive Design also moves widgets so that they are still featured on a smaller screen or browser window. The aspect of My Home is especially useful for those working with eLC on a mobile device.

Hamburger Menu

3. Help

The Help drop down menu contains links to the following pages:

  • eLC Documentation - eLC Documentation houses all help documents concerning eLC. 
  • Request Support - Request Support allows both faculty, staff, and students to submit help tickets and features the steps that can be completed to receive help from various resources on and off the University of Georgia campus.
  • eLC Maintenance Schedule - The maintenance schedule features the schedule of periodic maintenance windows that must be completed by the University System of Georgia, our eLC host, to keep the system running smoothly. During these time frames, you will not be able to log into eLC.

Navigation Bar - Help

4. Kaltura

 The Kaltura drop down menu contains links to the following pages:

  • My Media - My Media displays all videos that have been uploaded to Kaltura via your eLC course.
  • Kaltura Documentation - Kaltura Documentation houses all help documents concerning Kaltura. 

Navigation Bar - Kaltura

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The My Home screen contains four widgets that are not customizable: AnnouncementsUpdatesMy Courses, and Accessibility.

1. The Announcements Widget

The Announcements Widget displays system-level information and updates. Users may click the X on an announcement to dismiss it from the My Home and click on the widget title to review dismissed announcements that have not expired. 

Announcements Widget

2. The Updates Widget

The Updates Widget displays course changes.

Updates Widget

3. The My Courses Widget

The My Courses Widget contains a list of a user's courses. If you have access to 12 or fewer courses, they will all be listed in My Courses automatically. If you have 13 or more, you will have to search for courses using the Waffle menu, then Pin them to the top of that menu (see above for details). Pinned courses also appear in the My Courses widget. To learn more about editing the My Courses widget, visit the Personal Preferences and Setting page.

My Courses Widget

4. Within the My Courses Widget, an Update Tile may appear. The My Courses Update Tile informs users of any new items (unread discussion posts, assignments, quizzes, etc.) that are available in that course since the user's last login.

Course Update Tile

5. The Accessibility Widget

The Accessibility Widget contains links to information about and help with web accessibility for faculty and students.

Accessibility Widget

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