Icons are seen frequently throughout eLC. The following is a guide to the icons that may appear within specific parts of your course:


The following icons represent various actions that can be taken within a particular Tool, such as Discussions, Grades, and Assignments. 

1. Pencil Icon - Bulk Edit


Bulk Edit


2. Trashcan Icon - Delete/Remove




3. Stopwatch Icon - Time Restrictions


Time Restrictions


4. Lock Icon - Assignment Locked


Assignment Locked


5. Eye Icon - Visible to Students


Visible to Students


6. Crossed Out Eye Icon - Hidden from Students


Hidden from Students


7. Black Cog Wheel Icon - Setting/Preferences




8. White Cog Wheel Icon - Admin Tools 


Admin Tools


9. Key Icon - Tied to a Grade Item


Associated to a Grade Item


10. Flag Icon - Flag Student 


Flag Student 

11. Line Graph Icon - View Progress for Student


View Student Progress


12. Three Figures Icon - Group/Section Restrictions


Group/Section Restrictions 

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1. Presentation Icon - Overview of Content


Overview of Content


2. Ribbon Icon - Bookmarks




3. Calendar Icon - Course Schedule


Course Schedule


4. Three Lines Icon - Rearrange Content


Rearrange Content


5. Globe Icon - Web Page (Content)


Web Page


6. Landscape Icon - Picture (Content) 


Picture (Content) 

7. Chain Icon - Link (Content)


Link (Content)


8. Paper Icon - Document (Content)




9. List on Paper Icon - Checklist




10. Paper in Tray Icon - Assignment Dropbox


Assignment Dropbox


11. Black Conversation Bubble Icon - Discussion




12. Figure with Key Icon - Self Assessment


Self Assessment


13. Letter A with Checkmark Icon - Check Spelling (Creating Content)


Check Spelling


14. Eye with Checkmark Icon - Check Accessibility (Creating Content)


Check Accessibility


15. Brackets with Backslash Icon - HTML Source Editor (Creating Content)


HTML Source Editor 

16. Paper and Magnifying Glass Icon - Preview (Creating Content)




17. Outward Arrows Icons - Toggle Fullscreen (Creating Content)


Toggle Fullscreen


18. Question Mark - Help/Additional Information


Help/Additional Information 

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1. Envelope Icon - Message Alerts 


Message Alerts


2. White Conversation Bubble Icon - Subscription Alerts


Subscription Alerts


3. Bell Icon - Update Alerts


Update Alerts


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