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The calendar is a tool in eLC that provides instructors and students the ability to efficiently view the schedule of all their classes. Users have the ability to select specific calendars to view, choose between multiple view options (monthly, weekly, next 7 days, agenda, etc.) and subscribe to their calendar for use in an external calendar tool such as the UGA Calendar, Google Calendar, or iCal. 


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The Calendar Widget

1. From your Course Home, the calendar will appear in one of two places if enabled: the Course Nav bar or a Calendar Widget. Click on any of these areas to access the course's calendar. In this example, we will click on the Calendar Widget.

Calendar Widget

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Unfollowing and Adding Calendars

1. If you want to unfollow any of the listed calendars, click the arrow to the right of the course calendar name and simply click the "x" to the right of the course name.

2. To add calendars, click the arrow to the right of the course calendar name and select the Add Calendar icon. You can search active and inactive course calendars. Select the preferred calendar, and click the Add button. 

Unfollowing or Adding a Calendar

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All Calendar View or One Calendar View

1. Click the arrow to the right of the course calendar name to select another individual calendar to view or click Show All Calendars to view all calendars in one screen.

  • In One Calendar view:

One Calendar View

  • In All Calendar view:

All Calendar View

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Customizing Calendar Settings

1. By default, your calendar will display the month's events for the current course in which you accessed the calendar tool. You can adjust the calendar view by selecting Agenda, DayWeekMonth, or List from the Calendar menu. 

Adjusting the Calendar

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Changing the Calendar Color

1. To change the colors of specific calendar, click the arrow to the right of the course calendar name and select Style this Widget. You can select the calendar name from the dropdown menu and specify a calendar color using the default color palette, sliding scale, or by typing in the Hex Value. Click the Done button after making your selection.

Editing the Calendar Color

Improvements to Date and Time selection

In the January 2022 update to eLC, the date and time picker feature in the eLC calendar was updated to reflect improved usability for instructors. The changes are summarized here:

  • The Set to Today button is renamed to Today. The Today button continues to set the date and the time based on the context. For example, choosing Today for an End Date sets the current date and sets the time to 11:59 PM.
  • Added a Now button that sets the current date and time. The Today and Now buttons only appear when a date and time are required. When only a date is required, only the Today button appears and functions the same as the Now button.
  • The previous Date and Time picker in eLC looked like this:
    Previous date and time picker
  • The Today, Now, and Clear buttons are center-aligned in the new look of the date and time picker in eLC.

    today, now, and clear buttons

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