Logging into eLC

Go to elc.uga.edu and log in with your MyID and password. Note that the URL changes to uga.view.usg.edu. This address shows that eLC is the UGA instance of the Virtual Instruction Enterprise-Wide project within the University System of Georgia.

 Log in


Preferred Browsers

eLC supports many popular web browser versions. To find out if your computer's current software configuration is compatable, see GeorgiaView's System & Software Requirements.



eLC has a fresh new look and feel, called the Daylight Interface. Daylight includes responsive page design, meaning eLC will be more user-friendly for mobile devices. The features and functionality of eLC will be the same, and the transition to Daylight will not affect any content in eLC. All eLC users will also have access to Kaltura, UGA’s media storage and streaming service, from the eLC My Home screen.


To see the differences between eLC then and now, click below to view a side-by-side comparison of the following: