Attendance Preference Widget

The eLC Attendance Preference widget is an optional add-on for use managing face-to-face and online attendance in your course. With it your instructor will work with you to gather your class attendance preferences and/or assign you to attend a specific class session either face-to-face or online. You can use it to express your preferences and quickly look up your assigned attendance mode for any given class session.

This widget was created to help flexibly manage attendance by communicating options with you and letting you express your preferences interactively. It gives you an overview of the available attendance options for your course, and what attendance preferences you have (or have not yet) submitted. Keep in mind that each course is different, and instructor use of the widget is optional. The following instructions should help familiarize you with the system if your instructor has chosen to use it.

Here is a helpful video tutorial to guide you through using the tool:

Using the Widget

Where is it?

You’ll find your Attendance Preferences widget on your course homepage. It will probably be near the bottom of the page.

Making Selections

Clicking one of the displayed buttons for a class session will take you to the quiz you use to submit your attendance preference for that date. Your instructor may or may not make all quizzes available at once. If the quiz for the option you choose is inactive, you will be unable to submit a preference. Also note that instructors may overwrite your preferences (for example, if the classroom is over capacity). Should this happen, the updated option will be displayed in the widget and you will receive an email if you have grade notifications set up.

Changing your mind

To change your choice for a specific date, simply open that quiz and take it again. The system will automatically update with your most recent submission.

Filtering your view

Use the dropdown menus to filter your view and click the red Clear Filters button to reset your view. Viewing your Submitted items will let you see your current assigned or selected choices for specific classes. Viewing Not Yet Submitted should help you identify where you still need to enter a choice.

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Questions about Attendance

Remember, every course will be unique based on the classroom size and the method your instructor has chosen to manage attendance. If you have any questions you should contact them directly for instructions or clarification.

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