eLC Updates


10.8.8 Maintenance Release Update

Scheduled for: December 27, 2018

eLC will be unavailable on December 27-28 to move to a new platform and upgrade to the latest version of Brightspace by D2L (the system behind eLC).

When the migration is complete, eLC will be on Brightspace by D2L version 10.8.8. This update will provide tool fixes and enhancements but no major changes to the system. This migration will not affect any content in eLC.

D2L’s Continuous Delivery model for system updates to eLC will begin in January 2019. Through Continuous Delivery, D2L will release features and fixes on a monthly basis, with no downtime for regular maintenance or updates.

Highlights of tool improvements after the update to version 10.8.8:

Daylight(The D2L User Interface):

  • Additional banner images for course homepages that have increased diversity and educational context will be available.
  • Instructors are able to change, with increased ease, banner images for course homepages or upload their own image.
  • Instructors are able to edit the course title that appears within the banner image on their course homepages.

My Courses Widget:

  • Instructors have the new ability to group and sort courses within the My Courses widget.

HTML Editor:

  • The HTML editor that appears within eLC will have several improvements, including emoticons, the ability to edit images inline, and the addition of a chemistry equation editor.


  • Locked Name column and header row will now be visible within Grades, so that instructors can scroll through user grades without losing the context for which and whose grades they are looking at.
  • Grade release dates will be included in the Grade Event Log.


  • Fewer button clicks will be needed to begin and submit quizzes.
  • Quizzes will now display in full screen.
  • Quiz responses will be auto-saved during quiz taking.


  • New assignment types have been added. These types are included below:
    • Text type - The new Text Submission type allows learners to create text documents for submission directly in Assignments using a rich text editor, eliminating the need to attach a file.
    • On Paper submission - Assignments are submitted directly to instructors in class, but allow evaluation and feedback to be completed in eLC.
    • Observed in person - A presentation can also be observed in person and evaluated in eLC. Both new assignments can be marked as complete by learners, automatically marked as complete on their due date, or marked as complete upon evaluation by the instructor, depending on how the assignment is configured.


  • Grading discussions - Total score dialog box now opens as a pop-up and travels with the thread.
  • Instructors will find it easier to create group and section threads in existing topics.
  • Instructors can now post a discussion thread to all the associated groups/sections from a group discussion topic.
  • Instructors can now associate existing discussion topics to a new group or section during the group or section creation process. In addition, Instructors can associate existing discussion topics to groups or sections not associated with any other discussion topic.


  • New interface exists for creating Rubric definition.
  • Instructors will have the ability to control rubric visibility.
  • Instructors will experience improvements to features and workflows in the rubrics grading experience in Assignments