Copying Content between Courses

eLC allows instructors the ability to copy content between courses. This makes it easier to reuse content from previous courses across semesters.


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Copying Content from Previous Courses

Go to the course into which you want to copy content.


Click Course Admin, which can be found on the right side of the navbar located at the top of your course.


Under Site Resources, click Import/Export/Copy Components.


Click Course Admin. Select Imporant/Export/Copy Components.


Choose Copy Components from Another Org Unit, then click Search for Offering.

Copy Components from Another Org Unit. Search for Offering. 

A new window will open. In this new window, type in the name of the course you would like to copy from, then click the magnifying glass or push enter on your keyboard to begin the search. Once you have located the course, select it with the radio button to the left and click the Add Selected button.

Click Add Selected button 

If you want to copy all of the content from a course, choose Copy All Components. If you only wish to copy portions of the course content, choose Select Components.

Choose Copy All Components or Select Components.


Select the components you wish to copy. If you are copying Content, make sure that Include Associated Files is checked, and make sure to also copy Content Display Settings. This will ensure that the links to the content are not broken. When you are finished choosing which components to copy, click Continue.

Select the components you wish to copy.


Confirm your selections, then click Finish.

Click Finish.


When the copying process has completed, click View Content. Go through your course and check to make sure that items have copied over as expected.


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