Emails are messages sent by other eLC users within a specific course. 

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Sending Email

To send a email, first click on the Mail icon found on the minibar. Then, select Email.


Selecting Email on the Minibar


You will then be directed to your Inbox. To compose a new message, click Compose.


Click Compose


A new window will be opened. Within this window, fill in the necessary information to send the email: Recipient, Subject, and Body. You can also attached files within your email and select a Priorty (Low, Normal, or High). When finished composing your email, click Send


Composing an Email


You will need to be logged into eLC in order to respond to any emails sent from within eLC, but you can forward these course messages to a preferred email account.


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Email Forwarding Options

By default, all incoming course messages are forwarded to your external UGAMail email account, but you have some options as to how those messages are treated including where email is forwarded and how messages handled in eLC. This tutorial covers the setup of email forwarding in eLC. When you have completed the steps outlined below, you will know how to forward your email from inside eLC to your preferred email accout or opt out of email forwarding altogether.


From your homepage, click on your name in the top right corner of the mini bar and select Account Settings from the drop down menu


Account Settings Menu


Click the Email tab from the Account Settings navigation bar.


Email Tab


To set up forwarding to another email account. make sure that, under Forwarding Options, the box is checked next to Forward incoming messages to an alternate email account. By default, eLC is set to forward to your UGAMail address. If you would like to forward to a different email address, type your preferred email address in the Email Address field. You may also set your preferences for email handling in eLC once your message is forwarded including the message from your eLC inbox or marking it read or unread.

To turn off email forwarding, simply uncheck the Forward incoming messages box.

After making your selections, click the Save button at the bottom.


 Forwarding Options


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