You can use the Classlist tool to view students enrolled in your course, to identify who is currently working online, and contact those users via email and the Pager tool with instant messages. From the Classlist tool, you can view user profiles, access the User Progress tool, print a class list, and check enrollment reports.

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Adding Users

Students are automatically added to and dropped from your courses each night based on Athena data. It is not necessary to manually add students to your courses. The Registrar prefers that all student enrollments come from Athena. The following tutorial demonstrates adding users as Teaching Assitants, TA Grades, Library Assistants, etc.


1. To begin the process of adding a user to your course, from the Course Navbar, select the Classlist link.

Select the Classlist link from the Course Navbar.

2. Click the Add Participants button and select Add existing users from the dropdown menu.

Click Add Participants, and select Add existing users.

3. Under Add Existing Users, use the Search For field to look up a user, You may search by First Name, Last Name, OrgDefined ID (CAN #), or Username (MyID).

Note: You must perform a search for users in order to enroll them. Even if the user's MyID, 810#, or first and last name is known, you must perform a search.

4. Select the checkbox next to the appropriate user's name.

5. From the Role dropdown menu, select the desired role for the user. Click this link for more information on roles and their privileges.

6. Once the user and role have been selected, click the Enroll Selected Users button to complete the process.


Search for User. Sekect role. Click Enroll.

7. Click the Done button to return to your course.


Click Done.

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Removing Users

1. To begin the process of removing a user to your course, from the Course Navbar, select the Classlist link.

Select the Classlist link from the Course Navbar.

2. From the Classlist, select the checkbox to the left of the username(s) you wish to unenroll.

3. Click the Unenroll button at the top or bottom of the Classlist.

Select the checkbox of the user. Click the Unenroll button.

4. On the confirmation pop-up window, click the Yes button to confirm unenrollment. The user will be unenrolled.


Click Yes to confirm unenrollment.

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Checking User Progress

Checking user progress allows you to view a student or another user's progress. 

1. To check a selected user's progress within a course, first, from the Course Navbar, select the Classlist link.

From the Course Navbar, select the Classlist link.

2. Next, click the dropdown menu next to the selected user's name. Select View progress


Click the dropdown menu next to the selected user's name. Select View progress.

3. You will be redirected to the Progress Sumary. You can view data by clicking on each tool underneath Progress Summary or from the navigation menu on the left.


Progress Sumary Tools

4. Within each tool, you will see a summary of activity and progress tracked for that student.


Summary of Activity

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Sending Email Using the Classlist

Sending email using the Classlist allows you to send emails to specific users in your course or the entire Classlist.


1. To send an email to selected users, select the checkbox to the left of the username(s) you wish to send an email. Then, click Email.

Select the checkbox of the users. Click Email.

2. To send an email to the Classlist, click the Email Classlist button. 


Click the Email Classlist button.

3. After you are redirected to the Email Classlist page, click the Send Email button. 


Click the Send Email button.

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