Checklists can be used in eLC to help students stay on track with readings, assignments, and other tasks in your course. Each checklist must include at least one category and may include many items.

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Creating a Checklist

1. To create a checklist, within a particular course, go to Course Admin and, from the Assessments area, choose Checklists. On the Checklists page, click New Checklist.

Creating a New Checklist

2. On the New Checklist page, enter the name of the new checklist in the Name field. You can enter an optional Description to identify what the checklist contains. Select Open this checklist in a new window when viewed if you want the checklist to open in a new window when users access it. By default, checklists open in the current window. Click Save to save the new checklist.

Creating a Checklist 2

3. Clicking Save brings you to the Edit Checklist page. As stated above, each checklist must have at least one category. To create a category, on the Edit Checklist page, click New Category.

New Category

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Creating a Category

1. On the New Category page, enter a Name. You can enter an optional Description for the new category. Click Save to save the new category or Save and New to save it and create another one.

Creating a Category

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Creating Checklist Items

1. To create checklist items, on the Checklists page, click on the checklist where you want to add an item. On the Edit Checklist page, click New Item. On the New Item page, do one of the following:

  • Select a category for the item in the Categories/Items list.
  • Click the New Category link to add a new category. In the New Category pop-up, enter a Name and optional Description for the new category and click Save. Each item you create must belong to a category.

new item category

2. Next, enter a Name and a Description for the new item.

Name and description of checklist

3. Set a due date by selecting the Due Date check box and selecting the appropriate date and time from the drop-down lists. Select Display in Calendar to make the item visible in the calendar for students. Click Save to save the new item or Save and New to save it and create another one.

Enter a name and description. Set a due date. Select the appropriate date and time. Click Save and New.

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Making a Checklist Accessible to Students

After creating a checklist, you must make the Checklists tool accessible to students. To do this, you can either add the Checklist tool to the Course Navbar or add the Checklist Widget to the Course Home page. To learn more about these processes, visit the following pages:

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