Viewing Your Course as a Student

Viewing your course as a student allows you to see course content as a students would and to ensure that various applications are working properly.

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Role Switching

1. The easiest way to view your course as a student would see it is to use the "role switch." Role switch is available from a widget on your course home page, and also from your personal settings menu at the top right of your course. The personal setting menu is accessed by clicking on your name at the top right. From that menu, you will see the option to View Course as Student. This option works well for most tools, but not for all. When you want the most realistic student view, you can use your Demo Student Account.

Role Switch

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What is a Demo Student Account?

The Demo Student is a special eLC account available to instructors that can be added to any course as a student. Instructors can then login as their Demo Student to test course tools from the student perspective. Each Instructor of Record, as identified in ATHENA, will have a Demo Student account created at the beginning of each semester. That Demo Student account is active only for one semester. Demo Student accounts are created at the beginning of each semester and deleted at the end of each semester based on instructor enrollments. 

Format of Demo Student Account

1. The username of your Demo Student account will be your UGA MyID followed by .demo (exampled: MyID.demo).

To activate your Demo Student account, you must set up a password for the account. To set up your password, go to the eLC login page. Click the "Click here for Non-MyID Login" button.

eLC Login Page

2. Click on the forgot your password link below the non-MyID Login.

eLC Non-MyID Login

3. Type your username in the username box. Your username is myid.demo. Click the Submit button.

Type your username. Click Submit.


Click Submit (2)

4. After you click Submit, on the forgot your password page, you should receive an email with a link to set your password. The email message is sent to your UGAMail account ( The email message comes from, and the email message subject line is University of Georgia Password Reset. If you don't get the email, check your junk mail folder first. If you still did not get a password reset message, you may not be an Instructor of Record in ATHENA and your Demo Student account has not been created. If this is the case, you may submit a demo student account request

Email message

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Adding your Demo Student to your Course

You can add your Demo Student account to any of your courses in the student role or the demo student role. The only difference between these two roles is that the Demo Student role allows your Demo Student account to access your course at any time. The student role can only access your course once the course becomes active for all students. By default, this access begins the day before classes start, and ends 14 days after grades are due. 


1. To add your Demo Student account to your course, first Log in to eLC, and go into your course.

2. Click on Classlist

Click on Classlist.

3. Click on Add Participants. Choose Add Existing Users.

Click Add Participants. Choose Add Existing Users.

4. Search for: your Demo Student Account.

Search for your demo student account.

5. Select your Demo Student Account. Select Student as the role. When finished, click Enroll Selected Users.

Select your demo student account.

6. On the next screen, you should receive Confirmation of Enrollment. Click Done

Confirmation of Enrollment

7. When you add your Demo Student account to one of your courses as a student, this is the information you'll see in the Classlist:

Username: myid.demo

Org Define ID: 810number.demo

First Name: your MyID

Last Name: DEMO

Email Address: Your UGAMail Account (

Demo student in the Classlist.

If you have questions about Demo Student accounts, please contact the EITS Help Desk.

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