Modifying the Course Navigation Bar

Modifying the Course Navigation allows you to customize the links to relevant tools for your course. When modifying the course navigation, or course navbar, you can add existing links and also create custom links and link groups if you want to include URL links to third-party tools and other areas of eLC.

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Editing the Current Navigation Bar

1. To edit the current navigation bar, first, click the ... icon that appears when your mouse hovers over the Course Navbar. Select Edit This Navbar.

Click the ... icon. Select Edit This Navbar.

2. When redirected to the Edit Navbar page, you have the ability to change the name and description of the navbar.

Additionally, you may change the order of the links, create new custom links, or add preexisting links from within eLC.

When you have finished editing the navigation bar, click Save and Close.

Editing the current navbar.

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Applying an Existing Navigation Bar

1. To apply an existing navigation bar, first, from the Course Navbar, click Course Admin.

From the Course Navbar, select Course Admin.

2. When redirected to the Course Administration Widget, under Site Setup, select Navigation and Themes.

From the Course Administration, select Navigation and Themes.

3. To select an existing navigation bar for your course, choose an existing navigation bar from the Active Navbar drop-down menu. Click Apply.

Select an existing navigation bar. Click Apply.

4. There are multiple course navigation bars to choose from. To preview any navigation bar, click the drop-down arrow next to the name of the menu and click Preview.

Preview a navbar.

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Creating a Custom Navigation Bar

1. To customize any of the navigation bars, you must first make a copy. Click the drop-down arrow next to the name of the navigation bar you want to copy, and click Copy.

Click Copy.

2. Then, click on the copy to customize.

Click on the copy to customize.

3. You can change the name and description of your new navigation bar. In the links area, you can reorder or remove existing links, add new system links, or create and add links to external websites. After customizing, click Save and Close.

Change the name and the date. Change links. Click Save and Close.

4. Then, make sure to select your customized navbar under the Active Navbar drop-down. 

Select your customized navbar

5. Click Apply to make it the active navbar.

Click Apply.

6. You can also create custom drop-down menus for your navigation bar, known as Link Groups in eLC. To create a Link Group, click Navigation and Themes from the Course Administration Widget. Then click the Custom Links tab. Click Create Link Group. Then you can name your link group and add system links or custom links. Once you have created the link group, it will be available for you to add to a customized navigation bar. 

Creating custom drop-down menus

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