Creating Mobile-Ready Content

eLC's new theme, Daylight, is responsive; content can be viewed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets without losing navigation or content. Instructors can ensure any changes made to the format of their course or content they upload will be mobile ready as well. 

Fonts and Images

The new Font in Daylight is much larger than the past default font.  When adding text to Announcements or Descriptions, keep the default font rather than changing the font size to 10pt or 12pt. If you are reusing announcements or discussions from previous semesters and need to clear formatting, you can copy and paste from eLC to a text editor like Notepad in Windows. Then, copy/paste it back into eLC.

In the current version of Daylight, images in Module and Topic Descriptions cannot be resized within eLC. They revert to their original size when you try to update. To resize images, download the image to your computer and open in a program that can resize images (i.e., Photoshop, MS Paint, PowerPoint, or Word).  When finished, upload the image to your module or topic description.


If customizing the Layout of your Course Home Page or other course pages, use the One or Two Column options


HTML pages are responsive on mobile devices and much easier to read than Word documents. To convert Word documents to HTML fairly pain free, you can use the free web program Word to HTML Cleaner.  Once your text is all cleaned up, you can paste it into a new HTML file in eLC. 

When not to convert a Word document:

  1. The document is a template that you want your students to fill in and upload to Assignments folder.
  2. The document is several pages long or more.  In this case, consider saving the document as an accessible PDF