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When logging into eLC, current and pinned courses are displayed in the My Courses Widget. The My Courses widget now includes tiled course images. Inside your course, the course image from the My Courses widget is also used as a Course Image Banner across the top of your Course Home page.

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To change the course image and banner of any course, you must hold an Instructor or TA role within that course. 


1. To begin the process of changing the Course Image, first hover over the image of the course you would like to change. Click on the ... icon, and select Change image.

Hover over the image of the course you would like to change. Click the ... icon, and select Change image.

2. D2L provides an image library of over 3,000 images. When you first navigate to the Change Image screen, random images are shown. However, you can search images specific to your course. To do this, click in the search field and type in a keyword. Press Enter. The list of images will change to display the images that match that keyword.

Choose and image or search for an image with a keyword.

3. If you find an image that you like, hover your mouse over the image and click Use this image.

To choose an image, hover your mouse over the image. Click Use this image.

4. If you have your own image that you would like to use, you can click the Upload button. D2L recommends images of size 2400 pixels by 960 pixels for course images. The banner image scales appropriately depending on the device in use (phone, computer, iPad, etc.).

To use your own image, click Upload.

5. Then, under Course Image, click Browse

Click Browse.

6. Find the image on your computer by clicking Upload or you can drag and drop the image into the Upload area. Click Add.

Find the image on your computer. Click Add.

7. Then, click Save to set your image as the course image and banner.

Click Save.

8. Note: Due to the responsive nature of eLC pages, depending on the size of the screen, not only does the widget arrangement and location change, but the image for each course does as well. With this in mind, when importing your own image, try not to use banners with content words. Additionally, the recommonded image size is detailed below:

Recommended Image Size

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1. If you don't want your course shell to have a Course Banner, while on the Course Home page, click on the ... icon in the upper right corner of the banner. Select Remove this banner.

Hover over the course banner. Click the ... icon. Select Remove this banner.

2. If you would like to turn the Course Banner back on, select Course Admin from the course navigation bar. Then choose Course Offering Information.

Select Course Admin from the course navbar. Then, choose Course Offering Information.

3. Next, select Display the image in a banner. Click Save

Select Display the image in a banner. Click Save.

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