Course Homepage

The Course Homepage contains the Mini Bar, the Course Navbar, and Course Widgets. The Course Home is highly customizable. Users can change the layout of the page, add, delete, and customize widgets, and customize the navbar. 

Image of a typical course homepage in eLC

The Mini Bar

The mini bar is a permanent navigation bar located at the top of all eLC pages. The Mini Bar allows users to navigate between courses, access their profile settings, and receive alerts and information about their courses.


Customizable Widgets

The boxes containing information and providing links to various tools such as the content browser, the course calendar, and course settings are called widgets. Widgets are the building blocks of a course's home page and can be customized, move around the page, or deleted. There are many other widgets available to users that can be added to a course homepage, and widgets can also be created.

Widgets with Labels


For more information pertaining to widgets, please see our documentation on  Modifying the Course Homepage.


Customizable Course Navbar

The Course Navbar, or course navigation bar, is also a customizable feature in eLC. The bar is a collect of course links that direct users to content and tools within the course. Instructors and designers can customize the links, organization, and layout the Course Navbar.

The Course Navbar


For more information pertaining to the Course Navbar, please see our documentation on Modifying the Course Navigation Bar.

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