TurnItIn offers a suite of tools to help instructors review student writing and provide meaningful feedback. The UGA TurnItIn license includes the following products:

  • Feedback Studio grades and gives feedback on written assignments.
  • Similarity Reports provide insights into the originality of and potential sources used in student work.
  • PeerMark offers a peer review assignment tool enabling students to read, review, and evaluate their peer’s work.
  • DraftCoach allows students to view TurnItIn’s similarity reports while drafting their work in Google Docs before submitting an assignment.

For Help using our Turnitin tool in eLC


Click through the items below for more information on how to solve the identified problems.

  • Be sure to select publish feedback to transfer grades from Turnitin to your eLC gradebook. 
  • Verify that both the assignment as present in Turnitin, and your eLC grade item have the same maximum number of points. Turnitin scores will not transfer back to eLC if the values are different. 

Verify that the student’s submission contains at least twenty words. Assuming yes, you have three options: 

  • Ask the student to try again. 
  • Ask the student to send their document to you, and you will submit it on their behalf. 
  • Ask the student to send their document to you, and grade it without using Feedback Studio. 
  • You may have set Turnitin to not process files until after the assignment due date. To check your settings, edit your assignment in eLC, select Evaluation & Feedback then Manage Turnitin. If you would like to change your settings for this assignment, you can do so by selecting a new Similarity Report option. 


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