Courses in eLC can be made "discoverable" to allow eLC users to self-enroll in a course. By using the Discover option in the navbar on your eLC homepage, you can search for active courses and self-enroll. Once a course is made available in Discover, it is available for self-enrollment by anyone at UGA without restriction.

Note: Discover tab does not work properly for cascading roles. Please login with your MyID account to self-enroll.


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Requesting a Discover Designation

CTL manages the availability of courses in Discover. Self-enrollment is not available for academic credit courses. To request that your course be made available through the Discover tool, please email Ruth Poproski. In your email, please include a link to your existing Non-Athena course and a description of its purpose.

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To Self-enroll in a course

Users can self-enroll in Discover courses either by finding the course in the Discover list, or with a direct link to the course in eLC. If you have a direct link to the course, use that and skip to step 5 in these instructions. Otherwise, begin at step 1 and proceed.

  1. Navigate to the eLC homepage.
  2. From the navbar, click Discover.Discover selected
  3. From the Discover homepage, do one of the folloing:
    1. Browse for the course by sections.
    2. In the search bar, enter terms that match the course title and description. If you do not find what you are looking for, try using a different search term or click Browse All to view all courses.

      TIP: From the search results, click Sort and choose a category to sort your results.Discover options
  4. Select the course you want to enroll in.
  5. From the course details page, click Enroll in Course.Enroll in course

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To self-unenroll from a course

  1. Navigate to the course from which you want to unenroll.
  2. From the (...) Options menu on the course details page, click UnEnroll.Search bar for Discover

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