Respondus Monitor FAQs

  • Will the Respondus Monitor have features similar to Examity minus the Live Proctor (e.g., students having to show their workspace, ID card, etc.)?

Yes, Respondus Monitor has similar features to Examity with no live user support. If you set up the Start Up Sequence by selecting the appropriate options, it will record a student’s photo, ID, and environment. Additional information can be found here.


  • Can an instructor use it for both quizzes and exams? If yes, would you recommend using it for quizzes?

Yes, Respondus Monitor can be set up for quizzes and exams.

It is entirely up to the instructor whether or not to set up Respondus Monitor for quizzes. However, adding Respondus Monitor to a quiz serves as a deterrent to students and also offers evidence of their observations of the UGA Student Honor Code.


  • Is there a time limit on the length of an exam that uses Respondus Monitor? Do you have a recommendation for the length of an exam?

No, there is no time limit. The average time for processing an exam video is 12 hours. The longer the time limit of your exam is, the more processing time the exam video will require, up to 48 hours. Generally, if you have a lot of students or if there is a high volume of exams requiring Respondus Monitor, more processing time can be anticipated.


  • Is there a video that shows how Respondus works?

Here is a link to the latest training video for instructors: Instructor Training: LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor - April 2020